• history

Moon Caffè was born at the end of the 1990s, when two partners, Alberto Fiorentini and Mirko Scarpa, decided to create a new, modern brand, with aroma and taste as the basis for their blends, made exclusively with the finest coffees.

It only took the brand around fifteen years to become established locally as a leading name in both the coffee bar and the vending (home and office) sectors.

It stands out for its captivating brand image with warm colours suggestive of the places of origin of the raw coffees that make up the blends.  In 2011, Caffè Poli joined the brand - with the two owners still working as agents within the company. Later on, in 2016, the Moon Caffè brand was purchased by Caffè Poli.

Moon Caffè thus became part of the Poli family. Thanks to Caffè Poli it managed to expand the range of products offered to its customers without ever compromising on quality.

One big family to ensure product excellence.


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